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 Introduction to Fenix

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PostSubject: Introduction to Fenix   Introduction to Fenix I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 09, 2014 4:23 pm

Welcome to the Fenix Forums!

Fenix is a land based server run by older experienced owners with a focus on stability.  

By selling a wide range of items to server shops, private shops, and to each other, players can buy World Guard protected land in the wild, or in cities, and rank up.  With ranks come more perks, and more responsibilities.  Protected land also gives you a place to safely store your stuff, and build your marvelous creations without worry of griefers.

With enough protected land you can start your own city, which comes with a server shop, and new titles.  You can build and share a city with friends, and even make money by selling plots in your city to other players.  With dedication you can go from a lowly Wanderer to a powerful Emperor.

We are very severe with cheaters.  We take pride in a server that is 100% legit.  Even spawn was built completely legit.  You will be immediately banned for flying, x-ray, speed, hacking of any type, or for using a hacked client.  

Owners and staff are normal players, and follow the same rules as everyone else.  They do not have access to world edit, and they cannot spawn things in.  They work up the ranks the exact same way as everyone else.  Mature and trusted players are regularly rotated into, and out of staff positions so they will have time to play, and not become weary of any one position.

Fenix is focused on the players, and as such we do several things to enhance the playing experience:

1 )  We do not use nocheat, or any of its various forms, as we have found it to lag many players.  We prefer to depend on the expertise of our staff to weed out the cheaters, rather than punish everyone.  

2 )  We do not tolerate bullying and anti-social playing.  Fenix is a friendly community, and as such we will not let social misfits attempt to destroy the pleasant atmosphere with their excessive trolling and cruelty.

3 )  MCMMO gives the ability through hard work and dedication to increase your strength and abilities in multiple ways. With abilities like deflecting arrows with your bare hands, or getting double drops while mining ores, MCMMO offers great advantages to players who strive to reach the top of the scoreboards.

4 )  Fenix is a clean server designed to be friendly to all from the youngest to the oldest players.  We immediately mute all swearing, and strictly forbid all vulgarity of all types, including off color stories, innuendo, and all their abbreviations.

5 )  There is no world limit in Fenix.  If you want to go out 100,000 tiles to make a base or city, you are welcome to do so.

6 )  We depend completely on donations to keep the server running.  All funds are an open book to donators.   We are not interested in making money.  We try to be careful that donations, while helpful to donators, will not ruin the economy, or the game experience for either the donators, or the non-donors.  Donators are given game titles that indicate their donation, and their names are posted publicly.  Most importantly donators are considered partners in the operations and decisions made concerning the server.  In forums accessible only to donators, they are asked for their suggestions, and are asked to help us make server decisions. Donator forums also include a clear statement of every cent of money received for, and spent on the server since its inception, with a running balance of available server funds.  

7 )  You can buy private server shops, and buy upgrades to how much they pay in an attempt to corner the market.

8 ) You will carry your progress in the current map to new maps as your land holdings in the current map is converted into ingame money, and you will start out the new map with that money.

If this sounds like the kind of server you are looking for, we are delighted to have you come join the Fenix community, and join in the fun!
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Introduction to Fenix
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