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 For all people that struggle with making a city!

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PostSubject: For all people that struggle with making a city!   Sat Sep 20, 2014 10:54 am

Hello i just want to posts som tips here (Where to watch out for if you are struggling with making a city) here ill posts som problems i had making my first City!

Watch out with claiming:
The fault i made with claiming was that i didn't knew i had to connect every plot to make a city (2500 tiles need to be connected) so i had 2500 Tiles but not at the same place and connected so i had to connect everything and Juran had a lot of work doing that (sorry)

Watch out with selling:
I never thought about a price to sell my city tiles for i thought it was just 50 Fens every tile so i never really thought about that

Watch out with selling part 2:
If you sell your city land it would not be like the /rg will be changed, no it will be over claimed so the owner keeps a part and the buyer keeps a part

Watch out with letting people claim their own land:
You need to give them acces to claim (if it is in a sphere of 300 blocks around the city) and always watch out that they don't claim more you want or build something awful you can't say that its not allowed then because its not a part of the city

Watch out with farm tree farms etc:
In my experience i found out that people will not replant or plant another kind of sapling

Watch out with marking land out:
Watch out that you are saying that you sell like a 10x10 but that it would be like a 9x8 and every time you want a admin/mod/owner to claim som land make sure its clear what you want to claim

This where the problems i had i frustrated som people with it and don't forget: how more you need to connect how more work a staff member got!!!!! (one of the biggest faults i made with making a city)

-Rodny (liamkoos) cheers
Hope i helped a bit! Very Happy
Cheers... Very Happy
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For all people that struggle with making a city!
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