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 Common Questions about the Change #1

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PostSubject: Common Questions about the Change #1   Mon Dec 29, 2014 11:24 pm


As most of you may know, extremely big changes are coming to Fenix, now information is currently scattered around, not everyone knows the full story. Which is why I'm making this thread, to tell what's going to happen, answer a few common questions, and give a few details on what to expect. Note, I can say with a reasonable amount of certainty that what is below, WILL happen. Work of course can bring along problems, which require changes to adapt, however what is below is pretty much certain.

Q: Will there be a new map?
A: Yes, There will be a new map. Smile

Q: Will the new map be 1.8?
A: Yes, we will be updating to 1.8 with the changes.

Q: Will we be able to keep our money/land, and MCMMO skills?
A: No... and yes...

I am going to be annotating down the top wild, and or city rank, of each person. Your money, and rank will be recognized on the new map as a bonus to the amount of money you get when selling an item. This bonus will be regulated according to your previous rank. For example, a simple villager will get only a 1% bonus when selling his items. However, a Baron will get for example, a 20% bonus when selling his items. And a King could potentially get 50% or even higher bonus when selling his items. So make sure to buy as much land as possible before the map change.

MCMMO skills will also be recognized. I will try to take the power level of all the players who have been playing, who have bought land *SO BUY LAND*, and I will try to add on a percentage to each player's MCMMO skill gaining etc.
For example, a normal player will get 1 XP from breaking stone, if you have a good MCMMO level, you'll get 2, or even 3, Xp from breaking stone. Or even more depending upon your MCMMO, so get your MCMMO up. At least... that is what I'll try to do.

Q: What will be different?
A: Lots! I will try to put a short list here.

1: The server will not be 100% legit anymore. Instead we will use creative mode and world edit to build server structures. However all staff will be FORCED to play legit. We're not going to use creative, or world edit for our own personal gain etc.

2: We will also allow buying resources from server shops, and actually I'm looking into ALOT more economy plugins etc. Overall, our server will most likely have mostly new economy plugins. However essentials economy will most likely be our base plugin.

3: Land will now not be the primary factor in determining one's rank. Ranks will be bought with ingame money, and land will also be bought with ingame money. Infact, I'm hoping to make land completely player oriented. Players will be able to protect their own land, and make their own cities without admin intervention.

4: Unsafe enchantments will be turned on, most likely. Bosses (custom Bosses) will drop insanely strong enchantments, tools will also drop from mobs, being able to be enchanted with high values etc.

5: There will most likely be a prison type of campaign on the server. Giving players a chance to play a different style, and also achieve a special status that will help them in the "free" world.

6: There will be ALOT of ranks, more ranks then there is now.

7: I'm going to try and get mobs to vary in health, depending on several factors. The world might have "hard zones" so to speak, which drop better loot etc, but are much more dangerous.

8: I'm looking into various types of "server funds". Such as world borders, that can be expanded by donations to a server fund for world borders, among many other things that affect the server globally, being able to be donated into for improvements. Most new plugins will probably be "installed" this way.

Alot more news will come soon, but these are some basic thoughts etc.
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Common Questions about the Change #1
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