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 What needs to be built on the new map. WIP

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PostSubject: What needs to be built on the new map. WIP   Sat Jan 10, 2015 2:38 pm

This post is primarily for those who will help build spawn.

Spawn will be mainly be a room filled with warps to the following destinations.

We will also need 14 areas for server shops, all attached to spawn with warps.
We will need a nether warp area.
We will need a warp to the prison starting area.
We will need an area for about 15 warps to the wilderness.
We will need a prominent place to put a UFO warp.
We will need a prominent place to put rules.
I would like a warp to a tutorial like place for newbies to look at.

We will need a UFO Hub.

We will need 15 wilderness "buildings" to go into the nether, and the overworld.

We will need 14 Server shops, #1 being the poorest looking one, #14 being the most expensive one.

We will also need at least 5 different boss arenas.

We will also need a prison.

The prison must have,
Department E, *with the rank requirements.*
Department D,
Department C,
Department B,
Department A,
Guard station, (Chest room and base for the guards.)
Accessible prison shop to sell all the necessary items.
100 Prisoner rooms, 20 for each department. Department A is significantly more spacious and pretty then department E.
Public Furnace and crafting room.

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What needs to be built on the new map. WIP
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