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 Upgrading to Premium

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Buy a new Premium Server?
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PostSubject: Upgrading to Premium   Upgrading to Premium I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 04, 2015 1:23 am


I am making this poll to evaluate whether or not you the donators wish to upgrade the server to premium status.

We would be moving the server from the small budget server we're on right now, to a much more powerful and stronger premium server.

The premium server has the following advantages.

24 hour backups, if our server were to ever have an issue, or a problem, no matter how bad, we can always restore a backup made less then 24 hours before the incident.

MUCH better support, on a budget server we get minimal support, with a premium server we would get top notch support for any issue that could come our way.

MUCH better CPU, premium servers offer about 5 times better CPUs, which means 5 times less TPS lag.

We would be moving to a server in Ashburn Virginia, our current server location is in Canada. The new location would provide better ping for pretty much all US citizens.

Lots of other Misc reasons that are good for going to premium.

I would also like to upgrade our memory to 2 GB, we've been running low on memory since the upgrade to 1.8.

Negative impacts:

Most likely we would go through another IP change, due to the fact that we'd be moving connection to a different location.

The server would be more expensive.

Here are the following numbers that would change, note I am also nerfing some of our previous servers. I'm keeping our previous budget nodes around mainly because of the people that know those old IP addresses, I just prefer keep the old IP addresses up, pointing to our new one so that we can have old friends and colleagues join us.

Budget US (Old Fenix 1.0 server, currently our beta testing server) $12 Monthly, 1.5 GB
Budget US (Fenix 2.0 server) $12 Monthly, 1.5 GB
TeamSpeak server, 25 slots, $20 Quarterly, $5 per month.
Total per Month $29

After the changes:
Budget US (Old Fenix 1.0 server, would become simply an IP pointer) $4 Monthly, 512 MB
Budget US (Current Fenix 2.0 server) $8 Monthly, 1 GB
Premium US (New Fenix 2.0 server) $24 Monthly, 2 GB
TeamSpeak server, 15 slots (When we need more we'll get more), $12 Quarterly, $3 per month.
Total per Month $39

While this does look like a large additional expense, I would like to point out that we do indeed have the money for it. Thanks to donations from you guys we have more then enough money to run the server for I do believe 3-4 months on this setting provided no more additional donations come in. Which I'm sure more donations will come in during that time.

Reasons why I really want this to go through.

Mythic Mobs, currently on our budget server, our server power cannot handle this plugin. It lags the server and causes problems. However this plugin is a game changer. With this plugin, I can set mobs up to drop diamonds, awesome enchanted tools etc, I can make bosses, events, all sorts of things. Mythic mobs can change the face of Fenix, but it needs a more powerful server to run.

Mob Arena, ever want to earn money by mining, but not want to mine? Why not make a mob arena that by fighting with your friends all them mobs, you can get ores? Mob Arena would allow us to make all sorts of minigame arenas that you could earn money in. It would be awesome! But it needs a more powerful server.

And dozens of other plugins like this, could be implemented should we be able to get a more powerful server. Lag would become MUCH less common, and we'd have MUCH more stuff to play with.

I personally vote yes, hope you guys do too! Smile

Note, we have 9 donators, 11 when you count both Owl and Bee who can also vote. Three of our donators are inactive pretty much, so I am setting a requirement of 6 votes towards the positive side of this poll for me to implement it. When I see 6 positive votes, it'll go through.

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PostSubject: Re: Upgrading to Premium   Upgrading to Premium I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 04, 2015 9:12 am

I think you should go for it Very Happy
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Upgrading to Premium
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