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 News Report 1, Fenix 2.0

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PostSubject: News Report 1, Fenix 2.0   Sat Apr 11, 2015 7:53 am

Some information about some questions that have been asked.

Seeing as sometimes /back is very useful while staff, I have added it... NOTE DO NOT ABUSE, use only for staff necessities etc. If you're going to use it for personal use, then please buy it.

While vanished and watching players, it's sometimes quite helpful to /fly, this is why I added it. Once again, do not abuse, /fly is to be used ONLY while in vanish, and only while watching players.

Our vanish plugin has changed, and there is a few things to note about it, to prevent yourself from being discovered.
The effects, such as lightning and bats, cannot be turned off remotely, you must them them off yourself, to do so type these commands.
/vanish effects smoke
/vanish effects lightning
/vanish effects bats
/vanish effects flames
/vanish effects explosions

They can be toggled on in the same way.
Currently there is a bug in the vanish plugin that allows people to see the particles of you falling hard. You will not get damage, but the particles from any fall that would normally give you damage is visible to all players. So remember to avoid falling any distance above 3, or landing while flying anywhere in the players field of vision. They can see the particles when you land, so be careful about landing. Running is perfectly fine, and nearly all other particles are invisible, but they can see the particles of you "hitting the ground".

If you notice any other bugs with /vanish, please message me, and I will either update this list, or try to fix them.

These commands refer directly to the groups, currently there is no reason for you to use them, so please leave them alone.

These commands are permissions information commands, feel free to use at will.

Bans the player, type in this sequence.
/ban playername reason
Remember to post on the forums why someone was banned when they are banned.

Bans the IP of the player, type in this sequence
/banip address
You can find the address by doing
/whois playername
The address is the IP bar of the player, generally it presents itself as
Remember to post on the forums why someone was banned when they are banned. If an IP ban is done, remember to post the IP banned.

Use this command to get everyone's attention with an announcement etc, use is not particular regulated.

Checks the inventory of the player that you're wishing to check.
Do not abuse, as you can probably also remove/place items in their inventory.

Kicks a particular player.
/kick playername reason

Mutes a particular player for a defined period of time in seconds.
/mute playername 600 (600 seconds = 10 minutes)

Jails a person for a particular amount of time. IMPORTANT don't forget HOW LONG to jail for. Otherwise they're jailed till someone unjails them.
/jail playername jail time-in-seconds

Also now gives you the IP address, good for verifying someone's actually who they say they are.

You can now tpa directly to players, only use for admin duties.

Same use as /ban, do not unban unless authorized via the forums.


1: Player wants out of prison.
Tell them to send me a mail, and to wait till I'm online. Sadly I'm the only one who can do this at this time.

2: Player messes up with the ranks.
Tell them to send me a mail, and to wait till I'm online. Sadly I'm the only one who can do this at this time.

3: Admin/staff wants to rank up.
If you use the rankup signs, you will be demoted back to the normal rank status. From there you choose, either wait for me to come online, or do it, then send me a mail for me to change you back to staff rank when I do come online.

Any further questions, please post them here.
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PostSubject: Re: News Report 1, Fenix 2.0   Sat Apr 11, 2015 7:58 am

Thanks for the update.


For those of you who are still wondering, yes, I'm still working on the rankup script. It's proving to be one of the more troublesome kinks to work out. If all goes well, it's nearing completion, and we'll no longer need to worry about the 2nd and 3rd scenarios in the last portion of Juran's OP.
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News Report 1, Fenix 2.0
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