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 Mythic Mobs Information

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PostSubject: Mythic Mobs Information   Mythic Mobs Information I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 19, 2015 12:32 am

Here is a list of all of our mythic mobs.

Zombie Miner

The undead miners continue to mine on, snarling and growling as they search relentlessly for diamond. They will gladly take your diamonds, as well as your brains so they can continue on their stoney mission.

Mob: Zombie
Armor: Leather
Health: 80
Damage: 8+
Danger Evaluation: Medium
Movement Speed: Above Average
Worlds: Normal
Skills: None

Drops: (Name, Amount, Chance)
> Rotten Flesh, 5-15, 100%
> Diamonds, 1-5, 50%
> EXP, 50, 100%

Spawning Information:
Rarity: Very Common
> Must Spawn Inside
> Below 50Y
> Must be on Stone, Gravel, or Dirt.

Mythic Mobs Information HAIdknR


Little is known about the Pharaoh. The curse of frustration comes upon many in their search for this powerful yet, quite profitable being. Those who achieve the ability to mass produce these rare creatures encounter rare riches. If you should ever encounter one in the wild, do not hug it.

Mob: Zombie
Armor: Leather
Health: 500
Damage: 20+
Danger Evaluation: Easy
Movement Speed: Extremely Slow
Worlds: Normal
Skills: None

Drops: (Name, Amount, Chance, Enchants)
> Sand, 0-384, 100%
> EXP, 50, 100%
>  - Pharaohs_Sword 1, 2% (Gold Sword, Looting 6)
>  - Pharaohs_Axe 1, 2% (Diamond Axe, Unbreaking 10, Efficiency 8 )
>  - Pharaohs_Pickaxe 1, 1% (Diamond Pickaxe, Unbreaking 10, Efficiency 7, Fortune 4)
>  - Pharaohs_Shovel 1, 2% (Diamond Shovel, Unbreaking 10, Efficiency 6)
>  - Pharaohs_Bow 1, 2% (Bow, Unbreaking 10, Flame 5)
>  - Pharaohs_Gold 1, 1% (Special gold, provides 40 health total when held in-hand.{Future Tank Item})

Spawning Information:
Rarity: Extremely Uncommon (One out of 50 spawns, must be farmed)
> Must be on Gold Blocks.
> Must be in a Desert Biome

Mythic Mobs Information BYApwiW

Gold Mite

A long time ago, a virus infected the land mutating all the hapless creatures into horrifying monsters. The simple house mouse, slowly turned into a squeaking purple ball. These mutations were not entirely ineffective though, as it survived to tell the story. Burrowing into bricks, and coming out only to satisfy it's unquenchable desire for gold.

Mob: Endermite
Health: 1
Damage: 15
Danger Evaluation: Dangerous
Movement Speed: Extremely Fast
Worlds: Normal
Skills: None

Drops: (Name, Amount, Chance, Enchants)
> Gold Ingot, 1-4, 100%
> Slime Ball, 0-4, 100%
> Brick, 0-2, 100%
> EXP, 10, 100%

Spawning Information:
Rarity: Extremely Common (Must be farmed)
> Must be on Brick Blocks

Mythic Mobs Information Enderm10

Any questions please ask, this post will be edited and updated as more mobs are added.
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Mythic Mobs Information
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