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 Private Server Shops - Rules & How To

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Private Server Shops - Rules & How To Empty
PostSubject: Private Server Shops - Rules & How To   Private Server Shops - Rules & How To I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 26, 2015 1:53 pm

Private server shops are shops that are owned by the server, but can be placed anywhere a player desires. These shops are similar in nature to the main shops of spawn.

Each shops can have three levels attached to it. Here are the cost of the individual levels.

Level 1, 100,000
Level 2, 200,000
Level 3, 300,000

The cost is accumulative, which means you must purchase level 1, before level 2. Here is the total cost of each level including the previous levels.

Level 1, 100,000
Level 2, 300,000
Level 3, 600,000

These shops only host one item, and the one item is valued at it's level's value.

Level 1, 100%
Level 2, 200%
Level 3, 300%

Here are examples of various Private Server Shop, scenarios.

Level 1, iron ore = 10 each, shop costed 100k to buy.

Level 2, Iron ore = 20 each, shop costed 300k to buy.

Level 3, Iron ore = 30 each, shop costed 600k to buy.

Private Server Shops can be purchased, and placed anywhere. Only owners can make private server shops.
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Private Server Shops - Rules & How To
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