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 Fenix 3.0 Change Poll

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Fenix 3.0 change poll
1: Keep the same map
Fenix 3.0 Change Poll I_vote_lcap0%Fenix 3.0 Change Poll I_vote_rcap
 0% [ 0 ]
2: Extra Hard Reset
Fenix 3.0 Change Poll I_vote_lcap86%Fenix 3.0 Change Poll I_vote_rcap
 86% [ 6 ]
3: Hard Reset
Fenix 3.0 Change Poll I_vote_lcap14%Fenix 3.0 Change Poll I_vote_rcap
 14% [ 1 ]
4: Soft Reset
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 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 7


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PostSubject: Fenix 3.0 Change Poll   Fenix 3.0 Change Poll I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2015 2:46 pm

Note, everything in this color, is what has been added after this post was created.
Everything in this color, is what has been removed from the list as a future project.

Many people have been asking me what Fenix 3.0 is going to be like. Is it going to have the new land system or the old? Are we going to lose everything? Are we starting out from scratch? What about our MCMMO? What about our Buildings? What about could hundred other different things?

That is why I'm making this thread, to both ask your opinion on something, as well as inform you of the changes that will be happening.

As we know, Fenix 1.0 had it's strong spots. Cities, Villages, the ranks directly tied into land was one of them. We all enjoyed cities, they were basically the life blood of the server. The voting system was also something that was intended for Fenix 2.0, but never got implemented.

Fenix 2.0 also has it's strong spots. Each rank has it's own benefits. Shops that increase in power along with the ranks. MCMMO that increases in power along with the ranks. Unsafe enchantments that just simply rooock! Mythic Mobs that make everything much more interesting, and more. However Fenix 2.0 has basically failed because while it has a lot of playable value as a single player server, it has no playable value as a multiplayer server. Meaning... with the new grief prevention land system, there is no way to actually make cities worth anything. Players that used to play to build and show off their amazing constructions, now don't do so anymore, mainly because cities were kinda ruined.

Fenix 3.0 will take the best parts of both Fenix 1.0, and Fenix 2.0.

Here are currently some presets that are basically certain to go into Fenix 3.0 unless the community objects, or something better is presented.

1: The old World Guard land system will be brought back to life, and people will be protecting land and cities with World Guard.

2: Cities will resume their Fenix 1.0 standards essentially, with a few Fenix 2.0 standards as well.

3: Mythic Mobs will get an overhaul, and also be present.

4: The ranks will have nearly the same enhancements as Fenix 2.0

5: City land will have MASSIVE benefits as far as trading goes, and there will be a city rank hierarchy that is WELL worth chasing after. (Better shops, Better MCMMO, other misc things *possibly the ability to craft certain super objects*)

6: Voting system will be implemented, nothing on this is particularly certain, but voting will be a prime way of earning money, as well as possibly donation points that could be used to buy donator specific items.

7: Cities will no longer be counted separately as tiles. To declare a city one MUST have 2500 tiles in a single region. Beyond that all city enhancements are based on the owner's rank, not the size of the city. In cases of co-baron the rank of both owners will be counted in the calculations, by taking the rank of the highest co-baron and rounding it up one rank.

8: Upon the proclamation of a city a large 601 by 601 region will be made at the center of the city, that region will be as a warning to all other admins and moderators to not protect land close to the city. This region will not affect gameplay around the city, but land protection will be disabled in this region except for the owner of the city. If two cities have overlapping regions then one may not expand into the overlapping region of the other. If land is found inside the cities region protected before the placement of the city's region the person can buy the land at 5 times the normal price, and the money will be given to the person who is being evicted from his land. This should prevent accidental protections close to cities.

9: The prison Will No Longer, be part of the Fenix Network... For now...

10: A new super rank, with the name Trusted in a custom color with stars beside it will be able mute, kick, jail, and depending upon the person, possibly ban players who are causing issues.

11: Normal Trusted members will be able to mute and kick players.

12: Land will be 100 per tile, due to the ease of the economy, and the size of cities being reduced to 2500 tiles, prices in the shops will not be buffed. (Note, this is still under speculation)

13: City owners will have benefits for people living in their city. The city owner will earn a certain portion of money per each resident in his city, as well as the ability to make enhancements that will provide even more income to his city. Trade routes are also going to be accessible which are also going to provide additional income as well as a high level server shop.

And many other things, it's possible I forgot something off the top of my head, but this is essentially the gist of it.

Now, here's where I want your opinion...

Since this is going to be Fenix 3.0 we have to decide how we're going to proceed with it. Are we going to want a new map? Or are going to keep the current one. If we want a new map how hard is the reset going to be?

This is where you come in.
I am making a poll with the following options, which will run till 20th, Monday, this month.

1: Keep same map.
Nothing happens really, although grief prevention will be removed and you will be refunded for the money you spent on your ranks etc. You will need to re-protect your land.

2: Extra Hard Reset
Get rid of everything. Reset the map, no money, no MCMMO transfer, no inventory transfer. Lose absolutely everything and start out completely anew. Note, donators will receive their perk money back.

3: Hard Reset
Reset the map, and lose all items and buildings. Money will be refunded, and MCMMO will be kept. Note, donators will not receive their perk money back in scenarios where it was spent on money. They will receive their perk money back in cases where it was spent on buffs, and commands.

4: Soft Reset
Reset the map, however for a few days before the map reset there will be chest rooms open at spawn that are free to rent for anyone who wants them. In these chest rooms people can store items and equipment for the next map. Money and MCMMO will be kept. Note, donators will not receive their perk money back in scenarios where it was spent on money. They will receive their perk money back in cases where it was spent on buffs, and commands.

Have fun guys! Any questions please post them below.
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Fenix 3.0 Change Poll
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