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 Global Acheivements

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PostSubject: Global Acheivements   Global Acheivements I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 11, 2015 11:14 am

To inspire people into playing Fenix 3.0, and making sure you all don't choose the identical paths starting out. I have decided to make global achievements. These global achievements are achievements that grant rewards to the person who reaches them first, which means the competition is hot!

Global Acheivements, The first one to reach these acheivements on the server gets the corresponding reward. To prove you reached certain achievements, take a screenshot, and upload it to this post.

Rank Acheivements Rewards
Tier 1 Rank, (Serf, Farmer) $1,000.00 (Claimed by Gr8ness and Rhecker)
Tier 2 Rank, (Villager, Hunter) $2,000.00 (Claimed by Rhecker)
Tier 3 Rank, (Peddler, Miner) $3,000.00 (Claimed by Rhecker)

It ain't gonna be here tomorrow! (Salesman) $5,000.00 (Claimed by Juran_Fox)
I gotta ship! (Trader) $7,500.00 (Claimed by Owl_Talon)
You buy dis? You buy dis yes? (Merchant) $10,000.00  (Claimed by Owl_Talon
Feed me... Love me... Don't you dare leave me! (Lord) $20,000.00 (Claimed by beaver08)

Going Noble! (Nobleman) $5,000.00 (Claimed by Rhecker)
I shall be called the Red Baron! (Baron) $10,000.00 (Claimed by BeeAngel)
Duke Prance-A-Lot they call me. (Duke) $20,000.00 (Claimed by BeeAngel)
He stole my sweet roll! (Prince) $40,000.00 (Claimed by milo890)
Off with his head! Unless he can pay his taxes... (King) $80,000.00
I rich no? (Emperor) $160,000.00

Yes sir, no sir, why sir? (Squire) $1,000.00  (Claimed by TJ_briggs)
And then he came at me, and it was all over! (Knight) $2,500.00 (Claimed by Wolf77)
Must... not... sleep... zzZZZZ (High_Knight) $5,000.00 (Claimed by Wolf77)
I have weapons? What is this nonesense? (Paladin) $7,500.00
I'm the only person that can be called Royal, without doing a thing. (Royal_Guard) $10,000.00

City Acheivments
Everyone come on in! *hehehe* (Get the first City) $25,000.00 (Claimed by BeeAngel)

Remember to pick the flowers! (Make the first road to another city.) $10,000.00
Working on the rail road. (Make the first railroad to another city.) $20,000.00
Getting better every day! (Buy the first upgrade) $15,000.00 (Claimed by Milo890)
What happens if I touch th*Whuziip!* (Attach your city to a warp point.) $30,000.00 (Claimed by Milo890)
Mooooar moneeez! (Acheive an income of 10,000 per month.) $100,000.00
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Global Acheivements
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