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 My personal skype

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PostSubject: My personal skype   My personal skype I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 14, 2015 6:46 am

It is something that I have had to consider for a long time before being sure I want to do this. However it is something that I feel is necessary for better communication between the players and myself.

In this post, I am giving out my personal skype to all Fenix players.
My contact: juran.fox
What do you send in your contact request?
Your Ingame name:
What server you play on, (islands, survival etc):
And where you found my information: This post

People who do not follow the format might not get accepted.

Also, we do have a Fenix group in skype, that admittedly fills with spam quite a bit, but it is a nice place if you want to stay in touch with the Fenix players.

Through skype you are able to contact me directly with issues relating to bugs, or problems that you're having. You can also discuss things with me directly, and ask questions directly. Suggestions can also be made directly, although I might ask you to post them on the forums if I think they're a good idea, so they can opinionated by the rest of the Fenix population.

Have fun! Smile
I'll be waiting for the spam of contacts.
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My personal skype
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