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 Change of Ownership

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PostSubject: Change of Ownership   Change of Ownership I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 14, 2016 8:44 pm

Hello guys and gals!

I know this is a topic that probably most of you will not enjoy seeing, but... it's been a long time coming. Over the course of the last 2-3 years that Fenix has been active, my activity has slowly been declining. I am no longer what I would call a "Good Owner" for the server. I think everyone can agree that the server needs an active owner, someone who is decisive, and in-front of the community. To that end, I have elected Milo890 as the new official owner of the server.

I will put a small FAQ below, of questions that I know everyone has...

Q: Do you (Juran) still have part in the server?
A: Yes, and no. I am still the ultimate owner. I still officially own the server, and I do manage the finances along with Nate. However I will not be the one making decisions about what plugins we should install, changes in existing plugins, changes in rules etc. The running of the server will fall completely to Milo, who may at times ask for my assistance and wisdom in running the server, however Milo will ultimately have authoritative power over the server.

Q: Will you continue playing the server?
A: Do I play the server now? My interest in the server at this particular moment is undecided. I may decide to come back and play, however it'll be as a player, admin maximum.

Q: Does Milo have power over the console?
A: Milo has power over everything. He has console access, FTP access, he literally has access to everything I have access to, with the exception of the finances of the server. That, me and Nate are retaining control over, due to the fact that the server is still registered in my name, and the paypal is still registered in Nate's name.

Q: If the old owners retain control over the paypal, how will we be able to donate?
A: I am 90% of the time, a quick skype message away from Milo. If you decide to donate, Milo will get in touch with me, and I'll get in touch with Nate on his emergency channel, and generally in less then 2 hours we will get confirmation from your donation, which will be passed onto Milo. Often this confirmation is instant, unless Nate's extremely busy, or sleeping.

Q: Will you leave us completely Juran?
A: No... I will not... I will always be around to give Milo a helping hand should he need it. I'm not abandoning the server, just taking a nap while Milo takes the wheel.

Q: When I donate, where will my money go now that Juran and Nate are basically out of the picture?
A: 50% of your money will go to the server, no questions about that at all, unless you specifically set in your dedication a different percentage. As for the rest of the money, Nate receives 5% due to his effort in the Paypal, I will receive a variable that depends upon how much Milo bugs me. (For example if he basically tells me to configure and entire plugin and spends hours of my time constantly... that percentage will be a lot higher.) and the rest will go to Milo. I highly suspect that a good 30-40% of the donation will go to Milo seeing as he's supposed to be running things. Course, this is all relative to your dedication, if you want your donation to go to someone in particular, or go to the server, you can specify the percentages at will.

Q: Does Milo even know how to run the server?
A: Good question... I think so? Razz I will be training him one way or another.

Q: What about the forums and the wiki?
A: I will be giving Milo access to those as well.

Q: What about votifier etc?
A: That will be Milo's job as well, to make accounts on the voting sites, and to figure out votifier, I could probably help out.

Q: So essentially Fenix is dead right?
A: Hmmm... when an old king gives the kingdom to a prince... does that mean the kingdom ceases to exist?

Q: What about Owl and Bee?
A: They ceased being owners long ago.

Q: What about questions that aren't answered here?
A: Either message me at my skype with them, or post them here and I will respond to them.

Have a great day ladies and gentleman. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Change of Ownership   Change of Ownership I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 14, 2016 9:50 pm

Thanks Juran, I will try to/will be a good owner and manage the server
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Change of Ownership
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