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 Donation Needed!

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PostSubject: Donation Needed!   Donation Needed! I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 09, 2017 9:29 pm

Here in 6 days, or in other words 16th of August, the server is up for renewal. To do this, we require $30.00 to renew it. However I know that I haven't been as active with the server as I was back in my winter break, and I know that a lot of our members are also returning to school etc, and also extra busy now. So there are fewer people online and progress with the server is much slower.

So... we have three options.

1: Provide $30.00 and we'll renew the server another month, and I will continue working on the server at my reduced pace.
2: Provide $30.00 and shut down the server until Christmas Break, at which I will be on my summer break with 2 months or more of vacation time to work on the server.
3: Don't provide any money... and the server shuts down anyways, however in this scenario it's HIGHLY unlikely that it'll come back at Christmas.

In any case, I will be taking a FULL backup of the server. Map, Plugins, everything, so that the server will be exactly the way we left it if it should go back up again. Next time the server starts up, you will have everything. Your money, your buildings, your farms, everything. I wasn't kidding when I said no more map resets.

As always, the donation link is the following.

Note, that in this scenario considering we're in desperate need of money.
I will be providing a BONUS of 25 points per dollar donated. In other words, you will be receiving 50 points per dollar donated, instead of the normal 25 points.
Note, that this bonus only lasts for $30.00 or, until a donation of $30.00 and greater comes in.
In other words, if you donate $100.00 right now, you'll get 50 points for the entire donation.
However if you wait till after we have the $30.00 necessary, the normal rate will apply.
Also, as the donator you will be able to pick one of the two options above.
Any questions, feel free to ask me personally, or publicly on skype.

Also, please spread the news around.
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Donation Needed!
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