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 Donation Perks

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PostSubject: Donation Perks   Donation Perks I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 26, 2014 2:50 pm

Fenix depends completely on the donations of its players to keep its server up and running.  Without donations Fenix could not exist.

While we do not pay donators for their donations, we do like to show our appreciation for donator help in maintaining the server with little perks, or perhaps some financial aid in game money.  It should be clearly noted that these are gifts, or tokens of appreciation and are not to be considered payment. 

To show our appreciation, and to indicate to the other players on the server who they should appreciate for making it possible for them to play on Fenix, all donators will get suffix by their title and name in the game.  These suffixes will vary according to the total amount that has been donated:

+   For all donations totaling under $50.
++   For all donations totaling $50 and over.
+++   For all donations totaling over $100 and over.
$   For all donations totaling over $200 and over.
$$   For all donations totaling over $300 and over.
$$$   For all donations totaling over $400 and over.

Also, all donators have access to a Donator Only Forum. In this forum, donators will be able to see a running account of all donations that have come into the server, where every single penny of that money has been spent, and the server account balance of money on hand. Donators in this section will also be able to make suggestions on what to do with the server money, and vote, or help us make server wide decisions on how the money should be spent.  We see donators are the main pillars supporting the server, we feel it is only right to allow donators to see where their money goes, and in many cases even choose where their money should go. 

Additionally, as a token of our appreciation, we will give various perks, and/or in game money to donators based on how much they have given.  Because everyone is different, and have different goals in mind, we have decided that we will not choose the perks, but will let the donators themselves choose what they would like best.  So donators can choose the following perks based on how much they have donated:

CommandOne monthThree monthsLifetime
/back$20 $40 $80
/hat$5 $10 $20
/enderchest$15 $35 $70
/kittycannon$5 $10 $20
/workbench$8 $15 $30

The  /back command can also be used on death.
The /home allows players to buy an extra /home for lifetime use. There are no limits to the amount of homes a player can have and is a perk given in addition to the ingame homes already earned by ranks.

Alternatively, donation gifts can also be given as ingame money at a transfer rate of $1 per $1000 fens.  For example, Bob donates $20 to the server and for that could receive a perk of  $20,000 fens ingame money.

For information on how to donate to Fenix look for the post How to Donate to Fenix
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PostSubject: Re: Donation Perks   Donation Perks I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2014 4:43 am

Thanks for getting this up Owl! Added to website: http://fenixservermc.wix.com/website
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Donation Perks
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