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 Help us figure out donations!

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Help us figure out donations! Empty
PostSubject: Help us figure out donations!   Help us figure out donations! I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 03, 2014 11:34 pm

Hello all!

As many of you know, we've been avoiding paypal for quite some time now as a donation option. We've presented various other donation options, however the continued request is made for paypal. This presents us with MANY problems, of which will be listed below, as well as many risks.

We have been handling this issue ourselves for quite some time now. We've been trying to find reliable, and safe methods for donations, we've also been working hard at figuring out different ways to use paypal for donations, which haven't been successful. However, we've come to opinion, and the realization, that truth be told, the donations that come in from the server, are in reality, the server's money. And the people of the server, should be the ones who decide what risks they are willing to take and what risks they aren't willing to take in donating their money to the server.

So, we appeal to you. How would you prefer to donate money, how much risk are you willing to take in donating money. Do you have an alternative method for donating money that we are not aware of. Please, state your ideas here, your opinions, your thoughts. This is a forum for discussion of donations, and we're completely open to your ideas and thoughts on this matter. After all, the server money, is essentially your money. All donations will be kept for the benefit of the server, and not a single cent ever goes to any of the owners, or staff. Donators are able to see on the donator forums every single penny that comes in from donations, and every single penny that goes out.

So, discuss away! Methods for donating! Opinions! Ideas!

I will start with Paypal.

Paypal is definitely the most popular method of donating that the world has seen. However, due to the fact that it's so popular, and so big, Paypal has become somewhat corrupt, and quite dangerous to tread around. The chances to lose the donation money in paypal are extremely high in comparison to the other donation options we've opened up. Owl has explored this options thoroughly, and here's his list of risks, and problems we've found with this option.

List of problems in making a paypal account.

Paypal requires, and demands, access to either a real Bank Account, or a Debit Card, that they can drain instantly should they wish to. This bank account or debit card has to be one that is in use as a main bank account or debit card, which basically means any money that is in the bank account or debit card can be instantly lost.

Paypal drains bank accounts and debit cards for no reason, and can often be triggered by someone complaining. If someone were to complain about the server account for some reason, paypal would very likely completely delete any money that is sitting in our account, which would be all donations that would be used to keep the server running. If this were to happen, it's quite possible the server would suffer immensely.

Reasons why Paypal might drain our bank accounts, and donation funds.
#1, If for some reason someone were to donate too much money, paypal might freeze the money. (A 1k donation might likely freeze it... Or several donations totaling 1k.)
#2, Anyone call paypal customer service with a complaint about Fenix, all our funds dry up instantly. This makes it VERY dangerous option.
#3, If paypal doesn't agree with content on our website, or what we're doing with the money, they can drain our accounts instantly. With Mojang starting up this new war against donations on servers, it's very likely we might get nailed over this.
#4, If paypal tries to contact us through the phone number we provide, and we're not around to answer, they will freeze the account. I'm not at home 24/7, this could very well become a big problem.
#5, If there is a single anti paypal statement, or sentence, or phrase anywhere in a public place, chatroom, or even this forum, that comes from Fenix, our accounts will be dried up. This forum post right here could be considered anti paypal. A person complaining ingame that his donation isn't going through could be considered anti paypal. Anything basically can get our accounts frozen along this line.

Those are just the top 5 problems that we found could easily effect us. There are hundreds of reasons why paypal would drain our accounts.

When you donate to us through paypal, paypal can hold your donation indefinitely, for months, even years into the future. Which means we wouldn't be able to use your donation for server payments.

Paypal has started a new policy where they hold 20% of a person's money in reserve, all the time. That 20% will never be used  to pay for server expenses.

Paypal takes 4-5% of all transactions. The server loses a portion of your donation with every transaction.

Paypal's customer service is practically zero.

There is basically no recourse if a problem occurs, cause nobody will ever defy paypal because they're so big and powerful, and paypal themselves will not give any hope of fixing any problem, any tickets, or support they offer is completely ignored, and any mail that is sent to them is simply ignored and responded with an automated message.

Paypal can block any debit card, or credit card online, to prevent us from buying anything online, even if it's not even remotely identified with Paypal should they have a problem with us. This problem itself is basically enough to make me back out of this option completely. Cause all it takes is one disgruntled banned xrayer to report us to paypal, and completely disable us from paying server payments to the server providers. This inability to make payments might very well crash the server, for who knows how long.

Paypal, by their own records, and claims are in debt, 231 Million dollars. They continue to spend money and keep going further and further into debt every single day. To pay off their accounts, they take money from their customer accounts to handle their own debt. So to set up a paypal account, would be basically the same idea as handing money to a man that you don't know, who is millions of dollars in debt, and expecting him to hand it back when you need it.

Personally, I vote no against paypal, cause if we do get a paypal account, we're basically putting the server on some very very dangerous supports. If paypal decides to throw us into the pit, the server will crash, and it will fall, and be very hard picking itself back up again. Sure we might stand tall for a few months, or years, but when paypal dumps us, we're going to basically have a really hard time getting back up.

As they say... "Bigger they are, harder they fall."

However, we leave open the options to you. It is the donator's money, you are the donators, so I suppose we'll let you choose what kind of risk you're willing to take. Please consider carefully your choices, cause the future of the server does depend on donations, if we pick unstable ground upon which to build our server, it is very likely our server won't last.

Thank you for your time in reading my big wall of text. xD

Have fun!
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Help us figure out donations! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Help us figure out donations!   Help us figure out donations! I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 04, 2014 9:25 am

I say no.... I want this server to stay!!!
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Help us figure out donations!
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