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 Rules involving Warps

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Rules involving Warps Empty
PostSubject: Rules involving Warps   Rules involving Warps I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 28, 2014 3:23 pm

Many people have been interested in Warps! Of course they're interesting! The ability to teleport from one place to another is always interesting. However there's been much confusion about what warps are. What are the requirements for warps? Can I do this with warps? Can I do that with warps? Let's look at normal teleportation warps. We recognize that Nether portals should also be included in this article, however for this we are specifically addressing the city expansion known as buying a warp.

In short, a warp is a teleportation link between two points. A sign is placed at both sides of a warp, one going, and one coming. The requirements for warps are these.

#1 Warps must be based in a city that is announced, and end in a city that is announced.

#2 Public warps especially are not allowed to bring any immediate danger to players warping through them. If for some reason this is difficult to maintain, contact an admin for a possible invulnerability flag.

#3 All warps must be on pvp protected land.

#4 All warps must be on city land, not land that has been sold by the city to a player.

#5 The cost of 15k is required for each warp.

Various questions arise about this, so I will respond to them in a FAQ format.

Q: Can I have a warp if I'm going to have a city in this spot?
A: No, it must be a city first. (Be sure to read the article on cities to see what constitutes a city and what doesn't. *coming soon*)

Q: Can I have a warp linking one part of my city with another part?
A: Yes, seeing as there is a city at both ends of the warp, even if it is the same city.

Q: Can I have a warp in my nether or end city?
A: Yes, warps are treated in the nether and end cities just the same way as in the over-world cities. There is no distinction made.

Q: Can I have a warp from one city to another?
A: Yes, as long as both are announced cities.

Q: Can I have a private warp from my main public city, to a private city?
A: Yes, you can. Ask an admin for an entry deny flag to make your warp more secure.

Q: Do I have to have a warp to the UFO?
A: No, the UFO is there as a hub so you don't have to buy dozens of warps to connect to all other cities. The UFO is simply a convenience, nothing more.

Q: Can I have more then one warp in my city?
A: You can have as many warps as you want, however each warp costs 15k.

Q: Do I get refunded the warp costs on map change?
A: Yes, you get a direct refund of 15k per warp that you have bought.

Any further questions about warps, please post them here. Smile
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Rules involving Warps
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