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 Rules Involving Cities

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PostSubject: Rules Involving Cities   Rules Involving Cities I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 28, 2014 3:33 pm

There has been much confusion as to what is a city, and what is not a city. Several people also seem to be confused as to what kind of rules applies to cities. Here are a few specific rules that pertain mainly to the founding of a city, and the maintaining of it's integrity.

Requirements for a city to be founded.

#1 2500 wild land tiles must be claimed, and connected in one area.

#2 The city must not be within 300 tiles of any other cities, unless of course the owner of the other city agrees.

#3 The city must not be within 300 tiles of any other city that is owned by the same person attempting to make another city.

#4 The city must be announced on the forums by an admin who has confirmed that the above requirements are met.

To found your city, here is how you do it.

Find an area that is away from all other cities, preferably a lot more then 300 away, seeing as both your city, and the other city will most likely expand, also find an area away from all other claimed plots as well, as these can have priority over your city since they were claimed first.

Protect 2500 tiles in one area that is connected, this is usually done by protecting a 50 by 50, which costs 125k.

Tell the admin protecting the land that this land should be devoted to a city, named "whatever name you choose".

Make sure on the forums that the admin claimed the land in the name of the city that you specified.

And you're done! You got a city!

FAQ for this section is as follows.

Q: Can I have more then one city?
A: Of course! They must however be more then 300 away from each other.

Q: What if a friend wants to build a city within 300 of my city?
A: He can if you tell the admin that you allow his purchase and city.

Q: Why can't I protect 2 cities in the same spot when another person can protect a city next to mine?
A: This rule is to prevent people from getting 6 to 8 city shops by simply remaking a city over and over. If you want 6-8 city shops in one area, you're going to have to deal with alternate accounts, or people.

Q: Can my friend have a city server shop even if his city is right next to mine?
A: Yes

Q: Can I protect my city in smaller sections, then call an admin in to verify them all later?
A: Yes, you can. However it'd probably be Juran_Fox that you'd have to call in, seeing as several admins will refuse to deal with multiple sections when announcing a city.

Q: Can I expand my city after announcing it?
A: Of course, just tell the admin expanding the city that it's an expansion to "City name here".

If you have any further questions! Please post them to this thread! Smile
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Rules Involving Cities
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