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 Rules Involving Nether Portal Warps

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Rules Involving Nether Portal Warps Empty
PostSubject: Rules Involving Nether Portal Warps   Rules Involving Nether Portal Warps I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 28, 2014 3:43 pm

Due to confusion about the difference between nether portal warps and normal warps etc, and various other confusions. I have decided to make a thread simply on nether portal warps, or more commonly referred to as nether portals. Seeing as nether portals don't work on our server, they have been limited to cities that make nether portal warps to the nether. These warps are the access to the nether for all players, and are officially the only way to get to the nether.

To make a nether warp in your city, the following requirements must be met.

#1 Nether Warps cost 20k and 9 obsidian.

#2 The city must be Duke sized, this doesn't mean the player rank must be Duke, this means the city must consist of 10k tiles. This includes nether cities.

FAQ about this issue are as follows.

Q: How are the nether portals calculated? Like... where will they land in the nether in relation to the over world or end?
A: In relation to the overworld, the nether warps land in the nether at almost exactly the same coordinates as the city in the overworld. If a city is placed at 3k X -2k Z, then the nether warp will be placed at nearly those identical coordinates in the nether.

However, in the end, the effect is multiplied by 100. If one were to create a city in the end at 1k, 1k. Then the nether portal would appear at 100k, 100k. This allows for long range exploration in the nether through the end.

If one were to wish to create a nether warp in a nether city, it would work in reverse, and appear on the surface of the overworld at the same coordinates of the nether. Example, if one were to have a city in the nether at 10k, 15k, then their nether warp would appear in the overworld at 10k, 15k.

Q: Can one have more then one nether warp per city?
A: Yes, but there would be no sense in doing so, considering they'd always show up and nearly the identical spot, and they cost 20k to make anyways.

Q: Do nether warps get refunded?
A: Yes on map change nether warps get refunded at 20k.

Q: The nether is a dangerous place? How do you protect against players getting killed immediately?
A: We put a 3 by 3 by 3-5 area region around the warp, protecting players by using the invulnerability flag. The region consists basically of the obsidian platform that we place. Abuse of this invulnerability flag to earn money/farm items can lead to jailing, and even banning depending on the severity of the abuse.

Feel free to ask questions! Smile
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Rules Involving Nether Portal Warps
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