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 Rules Involving Graveyards

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PostSubject: Rules Involving Graveyards   Mon Jul 28, 2014 3:46 pm

Graveyards are a rather recent addition to our server. Few people know what they do, or how they work. Little explanation on how they work.

Normally when someone dies on a server, they're teleported back to spawn. However with the graveyards, they're teleported to the nearest graveyard instead of spawn. This allows cities to make graveyards that allow people to spawn in their city, especially if they happened to die in their cities. This only affects the spawn of those who have died, not those who have first logged into the game.

Requirements for a Graveyard to be added to a city.

#1 The cost of 15k is present.

#2 The city must be Duke sized, or in other words, the city must consist of 10k tiles.

Currently there are no questions at this time, please post here so that more questions may be added to the FAQ! Smile
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Rules Involving Graveyards
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