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 How to Make Money in Fenix

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PostSubject: How to Make Money in Fenix   How to Make Money in Fenix I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2014 4:06 pm

How to Make Money in Fenix

Although it might seem a little difficult at first, making money on Fenix is really not that hard.  Hopefully it will be a whole lot easier for you after having read these next few paragraphs.

A lot of effort went into making the economy of Fenix balanced between the different activities you can do in minecraft.  So the truth is you can easily make money doing whatever it is that you like to do best.  Some of the more obvious things are:

For many fishing is relaxing, and fun.  With the new mine craft update making a lot of the old auto fishing cheats obsolete we were able to raise the value of fishing to a very respectable amount.  Fishing is one of the easiest ways to get started, with very little equipment needed, and can be very profitable.
How to get more fish (and therefore make more money):
1.  Always fish under an open sky.  This makes a big difference.
2.  Fish when it is raining, they are hungrier than.
3.  Use a fishing rod with lure enchantments.
4.  When your fishing MCMMO gets over 125 levels these benefits kick in:
    a.  Fish in an ocean biome
    b.  Fish from a boat

If you get serious about fishing, you can make yourself a small fishing setup that will protect you from TNT and poison.  To do so make sure you are one block above the water, and approximately 2 blocks back from the edge of the water.  When you fish hold the crosshair of your fishing pole a couple of blocks above the bobbin.  That way all of the fish, as well is the TNT and poison will hit the ledge and fall into the water.  If you are catching fish, you are doing it wrong.  Then below the water where the fish fall put a couple of hoppers.   If you are going to do a lot of fishing, you might want to feed the hoppers into a chest.  Then you can fish as long as you want with no fear of TNT or poison, and simply collect your fish when you are done.


For the experienced miner, there is probably no faster way to make money on Fenix.  Everyone has their favorite style, and most minecrafters know what is best for them. 

My favorite way of mining, although it may not be quite as profitable, seems to me to be the best balance between safety, and loot.  I often do what I have come to call "window mining".  I go down 11y so I will find more diamonds, and dig a straight tunnel just big enough for me to fit through, two high by one wide.  I take a bucket of water to dump on lava when I encounter it.  Then I go back along the same tunnel and dig 1x1 "Windows" every three or four tiles on both sides at eye level.  With only digging a 1x1 hole in as far as I can reach I can see a lot more area for half the effort it takes for me to dig a 2x1 tunnel to walk through.

Because of iron golem farms, pig zombie farms, and villager trading the value of the ores you mine might be different than you expect.  In most cases you should not smelt your ores, but rather sell the ore, and buy ingots from other players.  You should be able to get several ingots for one ore that way.


Farming is without a doubt one of my favorite methods of making money on the various servers I have played.  It is certainly no different here in Fenix.  Here on Fenix you can make the various auto farms that are available, and if you wish you can harvest with water.  However the bonuses that MCMMO farming gives you makes it well worth it to harvest by hand.  You can make a lot of money very quickly with large farms.  After a lot of personal testing, I decided on carrots as my main cash crop.  However it was a very close call.  All of the main cash crops are very profitable.

I chose to make large farms that you harvest by dropping down 1 1/2 blocks so you can reach and harvest five rows of crops at a time.  I have set up these kinds of farms in the city of Mel if you want an example. 

Some things to consider when farming:

1.  Once you have harvested, start replanting immediately rather than try to collect your harvest first.  You have approximately 5 minutes to pick everything up, so you should be able to easily plant the field, while automatically picking things up rather than wasting time picking everything up separately.  This provides the additional benefit of using seeds as you pick them up, making it less likely for you to run out of space in your inventory.

2.  Plant your farms while walking sideways.  This gives you almost the perfect speed without missing tiles.  It also allows you to clearly see what's been planted and what hasn't been planted, and allows everything to be controlled with the keyboard rather than wasting time with the mouse.

3.  Make sure you have lots and lots of light.  Light your field up as well as you can.  Your crop grows faster when it has lots of light.

4.  When harvesting your crops make sure you use a fortune-enchanted tool, preferably with a Fortune 3 enchantment.  Most of the cash crops will drop a lot more produce when harvested with a Fortune enchanted tool.

5.  Consider getting a private server shop for your cash crop of choice.  Private server shops pay 20% more than city server shops, and 40% more than the spawn server shop.  Although they are expensive, they won't take long to pay for themselves if you do much farming at all.  Once the private server shop has paid for itself all that's left is pure profit.  On top of that, if you place the shop in, or near your fields you will not have to transport your produce anywhere to sell it.


Usually woodcutting is not considered much of a moneymaking endeavor, however Fenix changes this.  All kinds of wood can be smelted into charcoal, and sold for a very nice profit.  It is worth it just chopping trees the normal way, however the moneymaking side of it really shines when you factor in the MCMMO "tree feller".  By right clicking with an axe in your hand and chopping a block out of a tree you can drop the entire tree instantly.  That means you can instantly drop trees up to a certain size, including jungle trees, for a certain amount of time.  And your "tree feller" time increases as your MCMMO skill goes up.

Some things to consider when woodcutting:

1.  You will need to smelt your wood to sell it to a server shop.  The cheapest, and longest lasting fuel is lava.  There are oceans of it in the nether, and iron is cheap on this server.  Make a pile of buckets, and make a trip to the nether.  If you have nothing else in your inventory, you can carry 36 buckets of lava.  If you are not concerned about getting the XP from smelting you can make yourself an auto furnace, so you can just dump the wood in one chest, lava in another, and it will smelt it all with no further bother.

2.  A lot of people think of bonemeal when they think of chopping trees.  I personally think that it takes more effort to bonemeal everything even if the bonemeal was free.  Find a nice big area, mark it out for trees, plant a pile of trees and let nature take its course.  It really doesn't take that long.

3.  When planting trees remember that they must have a lot of light to grow.  If they are close together the shadow some trees cast is more than enough to prevent more trees from growing.  So use lots of light sources.  I try to make sure there's a torch within three tiles of every single sapling. 

Some things to consider when using MCMMO "tree feller":

1.  Jungle trees are big, and a good way to start.  However they are not the only trees that you can use.  Most trees can be planted side-by-side, and trees thus grown are considered by MCMMO to be one tree, and all of them (up to a certain size) will break instantly with just one block chopped.

2.  MCMMO also considers the amount of leaves when determining whether a tree is too big or not.  It considers nearby trees as the same tree when wood from the other trees are within two tiles (one empty title between them) of wood from the tree you are chopping down.  Be especially careful when planting jungle trees, for if they get very close they will be considered one tree and will always be too big to use MCMMO on.  If you wish to use other trees, you will need to experiment to see at what point they become too big for MCMMO.

3.  MCMMO "tree feller" only works on naturally grown wood.  It will ignore any wood that you place by hand.

4.  The axe you use for "tree feller" will be used up as if you had done it all manually.  If you try to break more wood with MCMMO "tree feller" then there is life left on the axe, axe will explode, hurting you, and breaking no wood at all.  So make sure your axe has enough life on it to break the entire tree you are trying to break.

5.  Seeing that you go through a lot of axes when breaking trees with "tree feller", I use plain iron axes for three reasons.  Iron is cheap on this server, has enough life on it to break any tree, and provides a nice boost to my MCMMO repair skill when I repair it.  So woodcutting not only is a good way to make money, it is also a good way to level up your MCMMO repair skill.

Set up a private shop:

Fenix depends completely on its players for every item in the game.  Because of this players are always looking to both buy and sell what they need.  Seeing that you can place a shop anywhere in the world (make sure it is on protected land) this gives you a clear profit making opportunity by making and maintaining a shop.

Some shop ideas:

Buy a private shop at spawn.  It is the most heavily trafficked area on the server, and easily accessible to everyone.

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise.  Just don't get muted for spam.

Have good prices.  Try to have the best prices on at least some things.  This will keep people coming to your shop.

Find out what people are wanting, and provide it in your shop.  Best would be for you to go out and get it yourself for the most profit.  At the very least buy and sell it.

Maintain your shop up to date.  Nothing kills a shop faster than being out of things to sell, or having full chests so nothing more can be sold to it.  If you don't want any more of an item, take it out of your shop.  People get frustrated with a shop that doesn't work.

Get a personal server shop, which gives you at least 20% profit over a city shop.  Buy for normal prices in your shop, and sell for profit!

There are a lot of other ways to make money on Fenix!  Why don't you answer this post with your favorite way of making money?  Together we will all get RICH!
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PostSubject: Re: How to Make Money in Fenix   How to Make Money in Fenix I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2014 5:49 am

When you say "Fish under an open sky," do you mean the water under a sky, or your player, or both?
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PostSubject: Re: How to Make Money in Fenix   How to Make Money in Fenix I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 27, 2014 8:14 am

I think, not certain, but I think he means the bobber should be under an open sky. It's a vanilla minecraft perk so you could look it up on the wiki to confirm it.
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PostSubject: Re: How to Make Money in Fenix   How to Make Money in Fenix I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 04, 2014 4:53 pm

The bonus for fishing under an open sky is indeed the vanilla minecraft.  The actual coding is "where lightning can strike".  So if lightning can strike the block of water that your bobber is floating on, you get a fishing bonus.
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PostSubject: Re: How to Make Money in Fenix   How to Make Money in Fenix I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 31, 2014 1:06 pm

this helps alot
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PostSubject: Re: How to Make Money in Fenix   How to Make Money in Fenix I_icon_minitime

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How to Make Money in Fenix
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