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 Fenix Ranks

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As you buy land, your rank will go up.  Your rank is directly connected to how much land you own, and what kind of land it is.  Wild and End land is treated equally, and will be referred to simply as wild land.  Each tile of Nether land is counted as two wild land, seeing that it is twice as expensive.  City Plots are treated separately, and have their own separate ranks. If you own both wild, and city land, you will get to choose which title you want.

Ranks are achieved according to the following chart:

0 Wanderer   
100WildHunter, Huntress1 Home  
1800WildPioneer2 Home  
100CityVillager1 Home  
1200CityNobleman, Noblewoman   
3200CityLord, Lady2 Home  
2500WildBaron, Baroness2 Home  
10000WildDuke, Duchess3 HomeMute 
30000WildPrince, Princess4 HomeMute 
60000WildKing, Queen5 HomeMuteJail
120000WildEmperor, Empress6 HomeMuteJail
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Fenix Ranks
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